B# currently has an opportunity for

1. Poster & Brochure Distributors

Wanna help us spread the word when B#’s playing out & about? Know where to find a few like-minded groups that’d be interested in checkin’ out the band? Or maybe you just love the challenge of getting out & about and stickin’ up a few posters in some ‘cheeky’ locations around town – well then, this task is for you!

‘In kind’ and small cash payments will be made (subject to the band’s financial status) for this simple yet fun task. Special rewards will also be allocated to those who can get posters and brochures into tricky and impressive locations. (Of course, we’d love a photo which reveals your daringness)!

So c’mon… take the plunge, get involved, and get more out of your Big Band passion. All team members will also be rewarded with special B# merchandise and more importantly, the knowledge that their part of the fabulous B# team!